Extra Class Math

The Amateur Extra exam includes a healthy dose of questions that more or less require some fairly advanced calculation, unless you're just awfully good at memorizing answers.

If you've been intimidated by or struggled with the math-heavy sections of the exam, this workbook is for you.

The Fast Track to Mastering Extra Class Ham Radio Math not only teaches you the math and science behind the math-based parts of the exam, it even gives you calculator-button-by-calculator-button instructions for solving each problem.

Maybe more important, it teaches you how to study so the formulas stay in your memory, with methods and exercises based on the latest neuroscience discoveries about how we learn.

Many of us are more than willing to work hard to get our Extra Class license. We just don't know quite what we're supposed to be working on or how to work on it.

If you're willing to work hard, this workbook will give you the right stuff on which to work, and teach you how to work on it, so you can quickly learn to solve those problems with confidence.

Watch for supporting videos on YouTube, too. (As of now the book is done and we're banging away on the videos.)

We only offer a paperback version of this title. It's a workbook, not a casual read.

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The Fast Track Ham Radio License Programs
Michael Burnette
Michael Burnette, AF7KB, started playing with radios at age 8.
As a commercial broadcaster for 25 years, he did a bit of everything from being a DJ to serving as a vice president and general manager with Westinghouse Broadcasting (now CBS/Infinity.)

In 1992, Burnette left the radio business behind, and took to traveling the world designing and delivering experiential learning seminars on leadership, management, communications, and building relationships.

He has trained people across the US and in Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Finland, Greece, Austria, Spain, Italy, and Russia. In addition to his public and corporate trainings, he has been a National Ski Patroller, a Certified Professional Ski Instructor, a Certified In-Line Skating Instructor, a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, a big-rig driving instructor, and a Certified Firewalking Instructor.

He is the author of:

The Fast Track to Your Technician Class Ham Radio License
The Fast Track to Your General Class Ham Radio License
The Fast Track to Your Extra Class Ham Radio License
The Fast Track to Mastering Extra Class Ham Radio Math
The Independent Author's Guide to Successful Audiobook Production

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All rights reserved.

The underlying philosophy of the Fast Track series is a commitment to employing effective teaching strategies to support learners in rapidly mastering the body of knowledge that creates the ham radio hobby.

To that end, the programs not only teach the correct answers to the exam questions, but explain the principles behind each correct answer.

Put simply, other programs teach you to pass the exams. The Fast Track programs teach you to pass the exams and think like a ham.

Oh, and we have a little fun along the way, too -- that's part of creating a positive learning environment.
Each license program is available in multiple formats.

- Kindle e-book (Amazon.com)
- Paperback edition (Amazon.com)
- Unabridged audiobook edition (Amazon.com, Audible.com, iTunes.)

The Fast Track to Mastering Extra Class Ham Radio Math is a workbook supplement to the Extra Class program for those who, like the author, find the advanced math of the Extra Class exam to be, shall we way, extra challenging. That workbook is available only in paperback, from Amazon.com, with supporting videos on YouTube.com.