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However -- from KB6NU comes this:

This morning, on reddit, Noji, KN0JI, posted the text of an email exchange that he had with Scott Stone, Deputy Chief, Mobility Division of the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. Noji asked, "Does Part 95. 591 mean that all Baofeng UV-5R and UV-92 radios (which can transmit [on] FRS and GMRS frequencies) will become illegal to buy or sell in the U.S. after September 2019, even for amateur use?"

To which, Stone replied,

"No. Those devices do not have Part 95 certification, so they are not authorized for use in FRS or GMRS. i.e. they are not capable of operating under this subpart. They can be used by amateurs, but only on amateur frequencies."

The bottom line seems to be that one "hand" of the FCC does not seem to know what the other hand is doing -- however, if anyone would know the right answer, it would seem to be the Deputy Chief of the Mobility Division. You're probably just fine using one of these inexpensive radios,  so long as you are properly licensed and operate them only on amateur radio frequencies.

There are three key barriers to entry into the ham radio hobby. Obviously, none of them is insurmountable, but the whole point of the Fast Track series is to get people past those barriers with the maximum amount of enjoyment and the minimum amount of frustration.

You've conquered barrier #1; you've gotten your license. (If you have not yet gotten your license and need some guidance, The Fast Track to Your Technician Class Ham Radio License will get you through step one in as little as a week.)

Barrier #2 comes at that moment you start contemplating your first radio. There are a lot of choices, ranging from very affordable to very expensive, with a dizzying array of features the new ham can scarcely comprehend, much less evaluate -- where does the new ham even start? This part of the Fast Track site is designed to assist you with that.

Barrier #3 is that first contact. "What do I say? Who do I talk to? How does this thing even work??" The best advice we can give you about that is to relax. Every one of us had a first contact at some point. We like this hobby, and we're waiting to welcome you into it. 99% of us don't care if you make a few so-called mistakes -- we've all made them, too. (See the last chapter of the Fast Track Technician book for a couple of mine.)

Let's get you set up with your first ham rig so you can get on with having fun. Full disclosure; if you purchase your new gear through our links, we make a couple of bucks, but our main concern is getting you going in the hobby, so if you find better deals or more suitable gear for you as you explore, go for it.
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Michael Burnette, AF7KB, started playing with radios at age 8.
As a commercial broadcaster for 25 years, he did a bit of everything from being a DJ to serving as a vice president and general manager with Westinghouse Broadcasting (now CBS/Infinity.)

In 1992, Burnette left the radio business behind, and took to traveling the world designing and delivering experiential learning seminars on leadership, management, communications, and building relationships.

He has trained people across the US and in Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Finland, Greece, Austria, Spain, Italy, and Russia. In addition to his public and corporate trainings, he has been a National Ski Patroller, a Certified Professional Ski Instructor, a Certified In-Line Skating Instructor, a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, a big-rig driving instructor, and a Certified Firewalking Instructor.

He is the author of:

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The underlying philosophy of the Fast Track series is a commitment to employing effective teaching strategies to support learners in rapidly mastering the body of knowledge that creates the ham radio hobby.

To that end, the programs not only teach the correct answers to the exam questions, but explain the principles behind each correct answer.

Put simply, other programs teach you to pass the exams. The Fast Track programs teach you to pass the exams and think like a ham.

Oh, and we have a little fun along the way, too -- that's part of creating a positive learning environment.
Each license program is available in multiple formats.

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The Fast Track to Mastering Extra Class Ham Radio Math is a workbook supplement to the Extra Class program for those who, like the author, find the advanced math of the Extra Class exam to be, shall we way, extra challenging. That workbook is available only in paperback, from, with supporting videos on