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 - Great resource to prepare for the Technician Ham exam. Good explanations for the questions and the rational behind the answers. Made the material clear. Often answered the whys behind the question that made it easier to understand and remember. FYI - Passed my exam last week after going through the book in 3 1/2 weeks. I do recommend the book.

- I have both the hard copy book and the Audible edition. Both are fantastic. I teach amateur radio classes and always looking for fresh ways to present the material. I got some good ideas from AF7KB

- This is by far the most fun and informative way to prepare for your Technician Class Amateur Radio License! Just finished the book and I am confident that I will be able to pass my exam that is in two days!

- Michael Burnette is an ace communicator and author par excellence who elegantly breaks down the mystery of ham radio mastery. With systematic precision and steps to learning that any amateur can appreciate, Michael leads us from knowing nothing to having everything we need to get that ham radio license--and more importantly, to have fun, gain confidence, and develop expert-level skills. For anyone who wants to go from CB to "real radio," Michael's well-directed tome will take you there.

- A must read! This book was written in a way that I learn the fastest and had tips on how to remember things..which is good because there are a lot of unfamiliar terms to my newbie self! For my upcoming test study the instructor suggested the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual which has a lot of additional information, but for actually getting down to knowing what you need for the test, this is it! I was really bummed to see there was no General or Extra book done, we can only hope!

- I picked up the audio book. I will be purchasing the paper copy as well. Mr. Burnette has a pleasant voice which makes the material much easier to listen to. I do not believe I would have been prepared for my Technician test without this audio. Probably some of the best money I have spent on Amazon. If you are thinking about getting your Technician license I strongly encourage you to make this purchase.

- A useful book, Good writing. Nicley Organized. Thoughtful approach. I enjoyed it.

- Can quickly learn what you need for an Amateur License over a long road trip!

- This was a great resource for my quest in obtaining my Tech Ham license. When I took on the pursuit, I knew almost nothing about the hobby, electronics or radio. I listened to this twice over a month of driving around in the car. Everything was explained in a way that made sense and Mr. Burnette was pleasant to listen to. I passed my test easily after using this as my source of education. It also helped that I imagined Mr. Burnette as the actor John Rothman in the series One Mississippi while I was listening to him speak. I really felt a connection with "Bill" and it made the course seem like I was being taught by a friend. (Maybe I should talk to a priest about this.) Anyway, the day I took and passed my exam I looked to see what Mr. Burnette actually looked like and was pleased to find that I wasn't that far off. I would recommend this audio book to anyone who, like me, learns aurally. I remember almost all of what I hear and so this was the perfect study guide to what I hope will be a really interesting hobby. I hope to run into Mr. Burnette on the radio one day and tell him "thanks".

Unlike "no license required" Citizens Band and Family Radio Service radios, the radios amateur radio operators can use are high-powered radios operating on frequencies reserved, for the most part, exclusively for amateur radio.  For this reason, the law requires you get an FCC license to operate those radios.

The entry-level amateur radio license is the Technician Class license. 
Earning your Technician Class license requires passing a 35 question multiple-choice exam, usually administered by a local ham radio club.  The major topics of the exam include; basic FCC law, ham radio operating procedures, some very basic electrical and electromagnetic science, and safety. There is no longer any Morse Code requirement for any amateur radio license. There is also no age limit, upper or lower. People as young as 5 years old have passed the exam and gotten their license.

Here's a sample question:

Which of the following is a purpose of the Amateur Radio Service as stated in the FCC rules and regulations?

A. Providing personal radio communications for as many citizens as possible
B. Providing communications for international non-profit organizations
C. Advancing skills in the technical and communication phases of the radio art
D. All of these choices are correct

With that license, you will get almost unlimited operating privileges in the ham bands above 50 mHz, including the very popular "2 meter" and "70 cm" bands. Even with an inexpensive radio -- under $40 -- you'll have access to thousands of repeater stations that magnify the power of your radio far beyond the capabilities of those other services.

​You'll find the ham community is almost universally friendly, helpful, and welcoming of newcomers.  It's about fun!

While it's quite possible to both study for and pass the Technician Class exam in one weekend, most people take two to four weeks to prepare for the exam.  How much time it takes you will depend a lot on your prior background, but even those with no prior electronics education can be ready to go in a month.

Find an exam near you.

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The Fast Track Ham Radio License Programs
Michael Burnette
Michael Burnette, AF7KB, started playing with radios at age 8.
As a commercial broadcaster for 25 years, he did a bit of everything from being a DJ to serving as a vice president and general manager with Westinghouse Broadcasting (now CBS/Infinity.)

In 1992, Burnette left the radio business behind, and took to traveling the world designing and delivering experiential learning seminars on leadership, management, communications, and building relationships.

He has trained people across the US and in Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Finland, Greece, Austria, Spain, Italy, and Russia. In addition to his public and corporate trainings, he has been a National Ski Patroller, a Certified Professional Ski Instructor, a Certified In-Line Skating Instructor, a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, a big-rig driving instructor, and a Certified Firewalking Instructor.

He is the author of:

The Fast Track to Your Technician Class Ham Radio License
The Fast Track to Your General Class Ham Radio License
The Fast Track to Your Extra Class Ham Radio License
The Fast Track to Mastering Extra Class Ham Radio Math
The Independent Author's Guide to Successful Audiobook Production

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All rights reserved.

The underlying philosophy of the Fast Track series is a commitment to employing effective teaching strategies to support learners in rapidly mastering the body of knowledge that creates the ham radio hobby.

To that end, the programs not only teach the correct answers to the exam questions, but explain the principles behind each correct answer.

Put simply, other programs teach you to pass the exams. The Fast Track programs teach you to pass the exams and think like a ham.

Oh, and we have a little fun along the way, too -- that's part of creating a positive learning environment.
Each license program is available in multiple formats.

- Kindle e-book (Amazon.com)
- Paperback edition (Amazon.com)
- Unabridged audiobook edition (Amazon.com, Audible.com, iTunes.)

The Fast Track to Mastering Extra Class Ham Radio Math is a workbook supplement to the Extra Class program for those who, like the author, find the advanced math of the Extra Class exam to be, shall we way, extra challenging. That workbook is available only in paperback, from Amazon.com, with supporting videos on YouTube.com.